The night visions beckon me to a wake.

I have stayed all night to figure it right;

From the mammoth to its tiny bits.


Night is gone, day is here;

But I’m stuck in a looping rear.

For a reason or the other and though the sun is here;

It seems to have not found a way to light away my fear.


My arm is up and my jaw sits atop.

But in a new day I flay in the same dream non-stop.

I’m at the mercy of a night vision that won’t go away;

A day dream; one in part, the same.

When at all can I walk my thoughts?

Can I even work my thoughts?

Will it even be worth it?


Gracefully and all of a sudden,

A snap!

His snapping fingers won’t stop until my mind responds to him with same.

Why are you lost in your thoughts son?

You are in too deep in the wrong way.

Walk out of your thoughts and make it work;

Your thoughts on its own has no legs!

Lucky for you, you have two legs and arms too.

So make it work!


Asford Psalms


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