yoyo tins aims at documenting, promoting and archiving the African hip hop culture through in-depth articles, interviews, documentaries, panel discussions, and concerts. Established in 2013 by Selorm Jay, the Accra-based start up celebrates 5 years of existence in 2018.

In line with this, organisers announce their very first festival in November 2018, in Accra, as well as a crowdfunding campaign via indiegogo and PayPal to bring this idea to fruition.

The yoyo tins festive is a two-day physical enactments of all the work yoyo tinz does in highlighting hip hop culture in its fullness – representing all the elements – rap, graffiti, beatboxing, breakdancing, DJing as well as photography, fashion, cinema.

In the past, yoyo tinz has helped outfits like Alliance Française Accra, organise successful hip hop festivals. It has also, consistently since 2014, featured at the very popular annual Chale Wote Street Art Festival in Accra, drawing thousands.

The yoyo tins festival, according to organisers, is an opportunity to replicate these past events with a twist. This time, the organisation aims at major expansion in terms of venue, audience, artists, activities among others.

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