The first time was to be my last.

The first time was to come by and away it goes past.

But then I tasted the sweet in the crevices and the cracks;

And I have lost all haste to leave thus fast.


The first was to only be but the first;

Until I tasted more of its sweets.

Now it has had me mellow and my craving thirst has bid me to follow.

With nowhere to go I am an obliged fellow;

I have lost all counts and can’t keep score.


I am livid though I ask for more and more.

I will love to go back to where I came from.

Contrary, here I am, held against my will to the sweets of this world.

The first time was a wish;

The second was a charm;

The third meant no harm, but here I am, I have been bewitched.

And it seems there’s nowhere to go.


Asford Psalms

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