Leading health insurance company, Cosmopolitan Health Insurance (CHI), has launched a new product to meet the essential needs of the Ghanaian public.

The launch was held at the Madina Market in Accra, where officials took turns to explain the product to attendees and the general public including the traders. A free health screening was also held.

Named ‘Cosmo Care’, it is the end product of years of research into what health insurance product works best for all persons in need of timely healthcare delivery.

Built with flexible payment options in mind, it was launched at a well organized event at the Madina Market in Accra on Wednesday May 2.

CHI says the newly introduced package will offer subscribers a reliable and efficient access to healthcare services with either upfront or instalment payment options spread daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Cosmo Care gives guaranteed access to quality healthcare from dedicated health service providers for individuals and their families, who are looking for top of the range Private Commercial Health Insurance Scheme service.


Membership to the scheme is valid for 12 calendar months and is renewable annually.

Cosmo Care enjoys strategic partnerships from some leading banks including GT Bank, FBN Bank, Barclays, Zenith Bank, First Atlantic Bank as well as RX Health Info Systems.

A leader in the health insurance business since 2014, Cosmopolitan Health Insurance (CHI) is a limited liability company.

The indigenous company operates per Act 852 of the National Health Insurance Law (2012) as a health insurance company, with the aim of providing excellent and professional customer service to its clients.

Over seven hundred (700) accredited Health Service Providers (HSPs) across the country use CHI’s comprehensive healthcare scheme with various product options to choose from.




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