GH One presenter, Emeline Nkosi of GHOne, yesterday at the Republic Bar in Accra, was joined by top industry names as Bola Ray, Berla Mundi, and rapper Prodigal, to launch Season 2 of her show, THE CORE.

Aimed at exploring various individuals’ lifestyles and professions, as well as growth and empowerment of the creative industry, the show focuses on exploits in fashion, music, art, wellbeing and culture.

The show is divided into two halves: ‘A Day In A Life’, and ‘Talent On The Streets’. ‘A Day In A Life’ is a hands- on exploration of various creatives — their struggles and triumphs alike.

‘Talent On The Streets’ brings attention to relatively unknown gems, giving them a platform to showcase their gifts and hobbies which they are often trying to turn into their profession. THE CORE aims to showcase a varied view of Ghana, Africa and its potential.

Season 2 starts airing this Sunday on GH One.

See images of the launch:


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