Uche Ofodile, wife of 4×4 member Captain Planet, has landed a new job as CEO of telco MTN Liberia.

In a blog post, Uche talked about how her career continues to be series of experiences, and how she’s evolving.

“Can I be very honest with you? Early on, I didn’t. My career has been a series of passionate proclamations of what I was going to do (my parents tell me this started at the age of 3: Fireman) only to experience it, work hard and become passionate about something else during the journey. Case in point, when I was in University, I wanted to work in public relations which I did and it eventually led me to marketing. Next, I wanted to become a CMO (and at the time I thought that would be the pinnacle of my career) and after a few years, I wanted and needed to do more which led me to DRC! My career has been and continues to be a series of experiences that shapes my next move. As we grow and evolve so do our dreams for ourselves. If you asked that 20 year old student back then, who was absolutely obsessed with public relations, if she wanted to be a CEO, she would have laughed! Yet here I am and my experience in public relations has helped shape the kind of CMO I was and the CEO that I am.”

The pair got married in 2014

Ofodile previously worked at Vodafone Ghana, Tigo DRC and Facebook in London. A successful career she has had over the years, she has extensive expertise in building businesses in emerging markets. With 10 years in CEO, CMO, and CCO roles, she has been the driving force behind transformative change in blue-chip multinational companies.

An early career in marketing, advertising, and public relations gave her a diverse foundation in the automotive, consulting, higher education, and broadcasting industries. In 2002, Uche accepted her first position in Africa as a Corporate Brand Manager.

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