With the proliferation of Gospel music in the system, one may ask if the ‘Holy Spirit’ is the inspiration.  It is believed gospel music is a way of evangelizing to people and also winning souls for Christ. But recently, the majority of Gospel music released makes it difficult for one to discern if they are indeed inspired by the Holy Spirit. Spyderlee Entertainment TV reporter Nanayaa Animah caught up with veteran gospel musician Grace Obaayaa Ashly who has given her two cents on this particular issue. According to the ‘Fire’ crooner, gospel musicians including herself should learn to mind their own business and do what God tells them to do rather than trying to please men.

‘My era of music is different from their time; everyone and what inspires them to do music. But if you are indeed depending on the Holy Spirit then you need to take your time, no need to rush.  I don’t like judging people. God is our supreme judge so we should allow them to do what they want and let us mind our own business as gospel musicians. At the right time, God will tell who is right or wrong’’.

Grace Ashy is among top musicians who have been approached to collaborate on the Women’s 2018 Cup of Nations song for the tournament which will be hosted in Ghana in November this year.

Grace began singing in church when she was around 12 years old.She led the Sunday school choir and by the time she was 15years old she joined the main church choir. Just after high school, she had to relocate to Accra to pursue further education. She did not forget her passion for music and joined the Gospel Light International Church where she was the one leading praise and worship. She started recording in 2001 and released her first album ‘Adea Yesu.’ The album did not do so well but she still continued recording. Her second album ‘Se Enye Awurade’ took some time to pick up but when it did, it became such a huge success.

She is now a big gospel artist in Ghana and she attributes her success to her husband Bright Ashy who is also her producer and solely produces music for her.

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