Up-above or down-below, there’s so much but nothing to show.

Down-below or up-above there’s everywhere but nowhere to go.

The option is a smiling face yet a hurting heart;

A sweating face mixed with tears which cannot be abate.

A mustard seed faith which is damned by fate.

There is an exigent need to escape.

Yet; beneath the reflection is a mountain of everything and nothingness;

Its peak dwells deep down into the earth.

Beneath the reflection of this calm river are waves that speaks with no still voice.

A sun as pale as the moon;

A sky without birds;

And clouds as jagged as a curse.

Beneath the reflection is a person whose world has been turned upside down.

Exigency beckons for an escape!

But within that same reflection there cannot be an escape for the poor soul.

Escape cometh by deflection.


by Asford Psalm


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