“Too Good” is the second single by burgeoning gospel singer, Chiro Kofi Peprah. The song follows the psalmist- evangelist’s debut offering “I surrender”, which was released in 2015.

The song blends authentic African music instrumentals with Jazz, and ultimately proclaims the greatness of God, as well as his love towards us, even when we are undeserving.

The single is scheduled for release, April 23.



Ebenezer Kofi Peprah Quaye popularly known as Chiro Kofi Peprah is  a Psalmist-evangelist called into   ministry and charged to impact generations for Christ with his talent. “CHIRO” is an abbreviation of Christ Himself is reigning over. In effect Chiro Kofi Peprah simply means Christ himself is reigning over Kofi Peprah.

Chiro Kofi Peprah’s logo

The logo is a representation of the full armour of God. Ephesians 6:10-18 says we should be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might and to put on the whole armour of God that we may stand against the wiles of the devil. The full armour of God is what every Christian needs to make it to the kingdom of God. The totality of the armour produces holiness which is God’s divine nature.

The gold colour of the logo ( the full armour of God) means royalty and our Heavenly Father is king and He reigns over all.

Chiro Kofi Peprah represents the royalty of God in Christ by manifesting the full armour of God. He is a royal servant of God.

In short Chiro Kofi Peprah is a warrior in the full armour of God representing King Jesus with His entire splendor and majesty, manifesting His royalty and His authority.

Life Prior to His Ministry

Chiro Kofi Peprah’s life prior to his calling was just like any ordinary guy in the world.

He indulged in illicit acts, and lived for his ego and desires. He used his strength for his will and did things to please himself and his desires.

He was in the world, and did things of the world, and followed the flow of the world. He followed what was trending in the world and had less time for the lord.

In 2003 at a Church of Pentecost youth camp meeting at Swedru Secondary School, Chiro Kofi Peprah was introduced to the ‘microphone’, his spiritual gift from God.

He was in the choir but the spiritual gift was dormant because he hadn’t been pushed to the forefront to hold a lone mic. The lead vocal at the forefront lost his vocal, and Chiro Kofi Peprah was called to hold the forefront.

In His song ministration of “Lord I give you my heart” a cover version his gift became evident, he saw people on their knees weeping and worshiping the Lord. He was in awe but couldn’t believe it until the next day, when another cover version of “Above all” got a Pastor and several elders on their knees weeping to the glory and magnification of God.

It was then that he realized that he had a gift, but after the camp meeting He was back to the challenges of the world and had no strict mentoring, like David he was in the wilderness alone.

Chiro Kofi Peprah’s attention was divided because he served several masters, the Lord, the world and himself. He had the opportunity to direct a group called the Royals in Praise, and hosted a program called the Blood, with his two most trusted friends who were twin brothers, Peter Aklamanu-Williams and Paul Aklamanu Williams who are now the heads of Gospel Gh.

Chiro Kofi Peprah worked with some wonderful personalities such as Bola Ray, Lydia Forson, Jeremie,Dr. Prince Pambo, Professor Reginald Ocansey just to name a few.

Active Call to Ministry

In 2015 Chiro Kofi Peprah was in the process of shooting his own TV show called Fitness show with CHIRO when God told him to lay it all down and do His will. He was charged to go and impact generations for Christ with his energy and gift, that led to David’s dance and the launch of Streets 4 Christ campaign in 2015 and subsequent release of I surrender single in 2016.

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