Life is a gift.

Our being on earth.

Our existence, leaves far too many unanswered questions.

Marvelously, the more we try to comprehend, the more complicated it becomes.

The more we try to discover, many doors we do create with more questions needing answers behind them.


The Supernatural force of creation, let onto us; ‘grace’ and a much bigger scope of possibilities.

The possibility of ‘what is’, ‘what could be’, ‘what is not’, and why we should fail even before another possibility arises.


There are no mistakes in life.

A deed today; be it positive or otherwise, has a role in nature’s path to perfection.

Each string of humanity, every possibility, every single thought and idea, every failure, every success, countless disasters, brutalities and every single action of who so ever, is perfection.

There is a greater picture of life than just living.

What you choose to see is up to you.

When and what you think is your own perquisite initiative.


Life is a fairy tale.

At least, that is what the young soul might think.

Could they be wrong?

How we see life is an extension of our imagination, far and exceedingly above what is by sight.

Life is living with a foot in the past, the other in the present and our greatest tool; the mind, on the future.

And this does not limit our transition to being the bigger man.

Being the bigger man in the picture is mostly life in its entirety.

It’s being the better you.


Being better than you were years, days, hours or even seconds ago.

Challenging yourself to every inch of possibility and opportunity known to even circles beyond.

It is about accepting what is and not.

It is about giving-in every stroke of ink to the bigger painting than what you possibly see at an arm stretch away.

It is about giving that hand;

Sharing that space;

Being fueled by the negativities;

Seeing through the pain;

Feeling that shame and standing right back up at where you lost your name;

It’s about being hurt, shedding those tears;

Having many fears, loosing as many as possible ‘dears’;

Falling down, rising back up;

Sharing that simple smile;

Getting angry, losing control and coming right back on track;

Falling apart, gathering every broken piece together;

It’s about being curious, living an adventure, going an extra mile, fracturing your parts, limping on them;

It’s about living in the shadows and coming out with a body;

It’s about doing the wrongs;

Apologizing for what is due;

It’s about righting the wrongs.

Making the best out of each flaw;

Facing your demons;

Praying to live on;

Hoping for the best;

Living the present;

Hoping to avert the worst;

It’s about dreaming big;

Thinking fast and being smart.


Life is short for regrets.

Life is about knowing when to say ‘Yes’ and staying firm to your ‘No’.

It’s about being strong when weakness wants to get you on hold.

It’s about being defined and re-defined

Being molded and re-molded.

It’s about coming out with an extra lining of excellence.

Life is just a fascinating intangible.

Its drive is faith.

A hope of a better future than the past.

And the living of the present.


Life is worth living but not dying for.

When all goes wrong; raise your head up high, face the sun and as you hope for a change, make it.

If all is well, be thankful.


Life is a gift.

An imagination waiting to be made possible not only by chance but by actions.


Asford psalms

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