The sun is over the horizon;

Kissing the peak of the mountains.

The clouds glees over the earth;

And they foresee every birth;

Birds, man and those not on land.

I am jealous but not for something on land.

Have you seen the birds fly and sing;

They don’t mind whistling through the wind.

Have you seen the wind itself and how it flies without wings?

I don’t know if it has its own problems, but at least it freely flies

I’m jealous of how it sings without a voice or being reminded its key was off choice.


I’m jealous of the wind, sky and whatever that flays within.

The clouds morphing into whatever and dancing to that which the wind sings;

The sun’s rays flirting for a pathway through;

And even the free fall of rain drops or moist dew.

I’m jealous of the wind and all it has and can do.

The power it has over how I breathe through my nose and without it, who knows?

The places it goes, where men dare not.

When it blows in its own time without anyone daring to bless it with a fine.


I’m jealous of the sun and all that he knows.

I’m jealous of the moon and her beauty she shows.

I’m jealous of the night stars that glitters than gold.

Ultimately, I’m jealous of nature- those parts that’s above our legs.

Because here on earth, on the grounds that men walk, there’s nothing to be jealous of unless you prefer to cry or better yet, die!




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