The Ghana Gulf Chamber of Commerce (GGCC) has paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Business Development, Hon. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, to introduce the the Chamber and business opportunities that the chamber’s Dubai visitors brought to Ghana.

The Dubai visitors, P.A. Basher and Umesh Dharman, both globally renowned names in the area of trade and packaging solutions, plastic waste recycling and Education as well as  well as agriculture , together with executives of the GGCC introduced several business concepts to the Minister.

However, for his part, Hon. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal welcomed the entourage and expressed his Ministry’s interest to adopt the business ideas if the chamber is able to put together strategic plans to help in the implementation stage.

GGCC is headed by Albert Ankrah, and recognized by  Ghana’s Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre and TMC (Dubai), It is also associated  with the Philippines Chamber of Commerce. It also engages in other events such as conferences, exhibitions and training sessions to better foster business relations between the two territories.

It also looks to develop potent business opportunities between Ghana and the countries of the Gulf: UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain.


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