I sometimes did confuse both to be the same.

Because I have crossed their paths in many ways.

Both are beautiful in many states.

But at least I know now that one is with an ‘r’ and the other is not;

Yet still, I won’t underestimate their ways.


Think of one of them to be a fairly thought out lesson.

She’s pretty much an open book; a pithy, learn her ways and the doors of luxurious pleasures awaits.

Surely, you won’t be in abate.

But the other, her name with an ‘r’.

She’s witty; not an open book so you can’t learn her ways.

She’s not a sutra but the lessons are in her.

She’s perfect in all estate; put a pin in it, not a stake.

She’s fair if not today, some other day.

And she won’t seem as much if you are being paid back with your own coin.

Though she is not an open book, her prime lesson to live peacefully with her needs not to be written before you look.

“You will reap what you sow”, so look before you leap.

Remember that any time you both cross ways.

Because if not today, some other day and that could be too late.


There’s one thing I have learnt.

Whether with an ‘r’ or without.

No matter how meticulous you think you are; no matter how extreme you can bend, both can bend in same measure to meet your ways.

It will be fortunately unfortunate if you are paid not in your same coin but two, then you realize it is bloody fate.

Life’s own Karma is binary.

You only get what you receive.

Good or bad, you choose


Asford Psalms


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