Sanitation issues in Ghana have become a major problem for every concerned citizen and as a matter of urgency, it is the responsibility of everyone to keep dirt away from our surroundings and the country as a whole.

Latest to add to the existing voices fighting for a CLEAN GHANA is the United Nations High Commission on Refugees High-Level Supporter and Central Music Awards Overall Artiste of the Year 2017, eShun.

In an interview on ATL 100.5FM’s Local Chat Show this Saturday, February 2018 at the University Of Cape Coast, the Someone Loves Me Hitmaker took the opportunity to educate listeners on keeping our surroundings clean from Dirt. She noted that the Ghanaian society sees the act of littering as normal since most of us grew up seeing our friends and family litter unapologetically.

eShun thinks if the Government enforces the laws regarding sanitation and provide waste bins at public places, it will be a wakeup call for citizens to be cautious about how they go about littering.

“If there are enforceable laws on sanitation, I feel the Government should enforce them so people who go against this law will be put before the law and get punished for doing so. I believe that if done that way, people will be highly discouraged from littering around to which we all know leads to the many diseases we are battling within this country”, the Fa Me Kor Songwriter eShun explained.

The beautiful Songstress added that she used to follow the norm as well, littering anywhere, but has stopped because she has seen the extent at which people die especially during the rainy seasons because of choked gutters that make it impossible for water to flow easily thus taking many innocent lives.

“Until the government provides bins for public use I plead with everyone to keep trash in their bag or cars and dispose them off properly in the bin when we get to one, Not on the streets. That is what I do”, eShun told the host of the program Barrister Daniels.

If we don’t do this, we will continue to fall sick and experience floods; Prayers won’t help us, there is no need calling on God to heal us when we as humans are ones that litter and bring all sorts of diseases upon ourselves. If we able to create the problem, we are more than capable of fixing the situation,’ the Meye Hitmaker added.

She commended the Central Regional Minister Mr Kwamina Duncan on his initiative to create a clean Central Region.

eShun alerted her fans that the date of her anticipated Album Untamed will be communicated through her social media outlet soon.



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