International Business Strategist, P. A. Basheer, says that there are a lot of businesses in the world who are ready to come invest in this country.

According to the renowned Business Strategist, these businesses will only come to Ghana and invest if we maintain a friendly atmosphere conducive for business.

A. Basheer was speaking at a session organized Ghana Gulf Chamber of Commerce (GGCC) on the topic ‘Improving Trade in Ghana, An Outsider’s Perspective’ on Thursday at Afro Arab Head Office at Nima. The Chamber seeks to foster business opportunities between Ghana and the countries of the Gulf: UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain

“There are so many people ready to come to this part of the world, we just have to keep a friendly atmosphere. There are a lot of resources available and the labour is cheap here. The major issue is that other part of the world does not know about the opportunities here,” Mr Basheer said.

He added that Ghana is beautiful country and so many great things are happening here which are not being exhibited or depicted properly to other parts of the world, especially from a global marketing perspective.

“We need to generate more write-ups, produce some TVCs among others and communicate it to other parts of the world. Then we can generate the interest in people to come and visit and also invest,” he added.

The event brought together representatives from top notch companies like Softlanding and Kow Company among others.




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