Without question, singer Ebony leaves a significant impact on the lives of all who beheld her. It is no wonder that the days following her death have been flooded with grief and touching tributes in various forms.

FOKN member Wanlov has, in this vein, named his new child after the singer. Sharing the decision on Twitter, February 16 (which would have been Ebony’s 21st birthday were she alive ), he extolled the  passion and zeal that she represented during her brief life.

“Ebony my daughter was born 3 days after you passed on…I had a name for her, but that has changed…I hope Ebony Akosua Mansa lives up to your level of strength and love. Happy birthday”, he posted.

Born  Priscilla Opoku -Kwarteng, Ebony met her untimely death on Thursday February 8, when the jeep she was traveling in, slammed into an oncoming VIP bus. The accident, which happened on the Kumasi – Sunyani road, also led to the death of a military officer identified as Francis Atsu Vondee and a female acquaintance identified only as Frankie, who were also onboard the Jeep.

A one-week commemoration of her passing has been slated for Dansoman tomorrow, February 18.

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