Rhymesonny, one of Ghana’s most outstanding poet and creative entrepreneur has added his voice to the frail. His incredible artistry and creativity on this poem he calls “ASAMANDO Nkratoɔ”.

“ASAMANDO Nkratoɔ” meaning Letter from the grave is a masterpiece. You can clearly see that this poet has mastered his craft and is on the rise.

The poem is full of wits and wisdom and addresses all Ghanaian to take heart and give the departed a befitting burial, his dexterity and wordplay, his command over the Twi language is unmatched.

Rhymesonny in recent times has taken Ghanaian poetry to another level with his poems, GOAT, Letter To My Unsung Music Heroes, Sun & Son, NERD, etc has really heightened the love for Poetry and Spoken word.


Listen to the piece below:


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