Like was the case while she was alive, singer Ebony continues to dictate the headlines even in death. From many prophets claiming to have foreseen her demise, to controversy surrounding her contract, days following her tragic death have come with this issue or that.

Yesterday February 12, on Accra -based OK FM, Ricky Nana Agyemang (Bullet), CEO of RuffTown Records, the outfit that housed Ebony, granted a tell -all interview about the songstress’ life and career.

Hosted by broadcaster Abeiku Santana, the conversation, which essentially brought the whole of Accra to a standstill, saw Bullet react to Zylofon Media’s Sammy Flex’s comment on radio Monday morning about whether or not RuffTown could have made $100, 000 in bulk without the help of Zylofon Media, who apparently had interests in signing the Kupe hitmaker.

“I can say with authority that if this deal had gone through, the money Bullet would have made, if he even worked with Ebony for 20 years, that money, he would not have it in bulk like that”, Flex had claimed on Zylofon Radio.  Bullet described the remark as disrespectful, demanding that Ebony be shown more courtesy: “What are you talking about? Are you God? Do you know how much money we have? And can that money even save Ebony? Can that money bring her back? You don’t disrespect people like that! We’ve worked hard but… I don’t have a problem with anybody but for you to say Bullet cannot make $100,000 even in 20 years with Ebony… Do you know how much was involved in the Kasapreko Choco Malt deal?”, he quizzed, obviously incensed.

“The amount invested in Ebony was even more than $100,000. How much is $100,000? Is Ebony worth $100,000? The biggest artiste in Ghana now; her bail out is $100,000? $100,000 is the price of Gadoe’s watch. That is not money. To respect her value as an artiste, you shouldn’t even mention $100,000. I don’t get it. Bail out in which way?” he further wondered.

Member of Afropop band Ruff N Smooth, Bullet also touched on prophecies relating to Ebony. He divulged that the first time he met with Ebony, she had told him about how a woman had told her that “her success would come through Ruff and Smooth but she will not live long thereafter”.


“We cancelled a lot of shows because of Ebony’s death prophecies. We did everything possible to prevent her death but God knows best”, Bullet also revealed.

The singer, known privately as Priscilla Opoku – Kwarteng, met her untimely death on Thursday February 8, when the jeep she was traveling in, slammed into an oncoming VIP bus. The accident, which happened on the Kumasi – Sunyani road, also led to the death of a military officer identified as Francis Atsu Vondee and a female acquaintance identified only as Frankie, who were also onboard the Jeep.


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