Bullet (Ricky Nana Agyeman), CEO of RuffTown Records, the label which housed Ebony Reigns, who passed in a fatal collision Thursday night, has shared private conversation between his team and producer KayWa, regarding the latter’s vision about the singer’s demise.

Since news of Ebony’s death broke, social media has been awash with videos of prophets claiming to have predicted her death.

But Bullet via a Facebook post Saturday February 10, has asked for the public to show respect for the fallen singer and desist from judging her.  He also divulged how KayWa had prophesied this several months ago, and together, they had taken steps to avert the situation. He also mentioned that he had been in contact with some prophets to reverse it:

“I have seen videos and heard audios of some people and prophets after the death of my girl Ebony.can people have a little heart and stop judging her. Kaywa saw this long time and did a lot of directions and prayers for us. I have chats with prophets who also saw this coming”, he stated.

“We did what we could but God knows best”, he further posted alongside screenshots of various WhatsApp conversations between himself, his team, and KayWa.

Widely loved, Ebony is highly-tipped to win VGMA Artist of the Year in coming months, due to her remarkable impact in the industry, serving up multiple hits including Poison, Hustle, Da Ur Fada, and Maame Hw3. Her debut album, BONYFIED, was released in December last year.

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