Ageless jazz singer/performer, Stephanie Benson who aside her professional presence in music is noted for her goading fashion appeal has finally decided to cover up. Music lovers who are deeply rooted in jazz music specifically her kind of jazz music will attest to the fact that aside from her intoxicating free will fashion sense, she’s an able, skilful, thorough, genuine, proactive, creative, adventurous and a better singer.

From now onwards, the mother of 5 will be seen on a different outlook, this time round, more honourable way. On that note she outdoors new set of photos to certify her newly made decision. As for songs, she has more than enough in her archives to feed a horde of music lovers, expect the best of music from her. Her next song to be released is, “It’s all about love”.

Triggered by an inspiration to sing a song that talks about beautiful compliments couples exchange when they get married, she decided to come up with “it’s all about love” accompanied with a beautiful Afrobeats instrumentation. Marriage is, of course, a lifetime journey. “It’s all about love” is guaranteed to be a wedding anthem and a global hit.The new single will be released on 7th of February 2017. You need to be ready for the shock waves it will send.

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