OMNIS2131, the leading provider of innovative concepts, event brands and promotion for various artists and music industry professionals, is set to announce the public launch of LOGONRADIO.

In this age of fast-evolving high technology, there is the knowledge of new avenues and tools for advertising and promotion of music. The internet, social networks and dedicated platforms have opened up new opportunities for artists.

However, artistes, record/Independent labels and many others can use LOGONRADIO to quickly and easily run campaigns that promote songs to reach new fans, promote and increase exposure and promote releases to drive song sale/downloads.

This system is the first end-to-end music promotion system designed to help artists, record labels, artiste managers and more reach more fans, music lovers and drive deeper fan engagement.

Jay Foley, CEO & Founder of OMNIS2131 explained that even though the various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others are some platforms to promote your music, it is however necessary to note that LOGONRADIO is a system built to harness and drive the power of music airplay across most registered radio stations in Accra/Ghana.

He said rolling it out will help solve the problem of driving the outcomes every artist, Record label and music related organizations wants — i.e. more song time plays on radio.

LOGONRADIO will be accessible to all artists, record labels, and more at



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