Veteran Ghanaian actor, Psalm Adjetefio, most widely-known as TT,  from the hit drama series “Taxi Driver”, has disclosed via an emotive tell -all interview on the Delay Show, what a regrettable mistake leaving his wife for a “demon” of another woman, turned out to be.

Tearful and full of remorse, the actor, who now battles multiple health conditions, and faces eviction from his current residence, spoke of what torturous abuse his mistress meted out to his children, who then lived with her in Cape Coast.

He admitted that it is among his biggest mistakes in life, cautioning others to take a cue from his story, and exercise patience when a marriage is rocky.

“I pray that no man goes that way, forsaking your children and going after a demon of a woman. Learn from my experience. Don’t do it. You’ll regret”, he said.

Though he states that he and his children currently enjoy an amicable relationship, his deserting them at such a crucial time in their lives constantly haunts him.

Watch the entire interview below:

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