The suspiration of a being signals either of two extremes;

A heartsome man or one in worrisome.

The watershed from cheer to worry is easier than its reverse.

An essence to revert from one’s brokenness is the reason for life itself.


A tile no matter how broken it is, if painstakingly mended back together, looks beautiful with no pride in its afterglow.

When life gives you lemons it asks you to make out of it lemonade, where the ‘ade’ do come from, don’t believe in fate in that instance.

Because moira only guarantees one thing; death!

And that’s the only surety in life.

To every life, death!



Make thyself approved.

Not by a lazy hand or by an ill-heart.

Make your heart cheer.

But for a man down, there’s only one place to go; up!

Nevertheless, don’t be fooled.

You cannot speak to a mountain to move into the seas or be leveled into a valley.

That’s horsefeathers!


Mountains were not made to be cast into the seas.

Neither were they made smoothly slanted.

They were created rocky so you should not mock Thee.

The rockier, the better it makes for featly climbing.

So at least, you will have something to hold on to.

Start Climbing!


Asford Psalms




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