February 7, 2017 –One Airport Square Building (8th Floor)

For a conversation between men to be truly thorough, it must involve prattle about girls. Specifically, in this regard, brother Quarps and I had a gratifying time that evening in my office.

He had heard that I had gone and gotten myself a lover, and I harboured a single question about Eunice, his girlfriend. As we waited for her to join us from work, those issues occupied us.

Now, Quarps Hansen is an astute man, and it is in his nature to offload profundity in passing. Unsurprisingly, the discussion became dense almost immediately. How do you know if someone is specifically “the one”? How soon can you tell if they are? At what point is it permissible to give up on someone?

Soft-spoken and always beaming, the beloved Y FM disc jockey (born Nii Quarcoopome Hansen- Sackey, but also trading by the showbiz alias ‘DJ Portable”) navigated these delicate matters with the depth of one who has been married for 3 decades. On this 20-something’s shoulders rests an old man’s head.

I have always admired Quarps and Eunice for their natural kindness and the overall stability they exude. But no relationship is ever entirely rosy. At some point, that union, and the character of its components will be tested greatly. For instance: how would you take it if your partner were involved in a harrowing accident that leaves her with multiple broken bones at least, and a good chance of her being wheelchair-bound for the rest of her life?

The above is hardly a hypothetical situation for Mr. Hansen, for that was his reality several months before our February meeting.

“What if she hadn’t gotten up from that wheelchair?”, the question finally trickled from my lips cautiously –the mere thought of watching a loved one go through such a time causing me to shudder greatly.

“Oh like I go find am romantic pushing am around and tins”, he responded coolly in Pidgin, and then moved on to some other topic as though what he had just said wasn’t a deeply instructive statement which required a moment to properly process.

That answer stopped me dead in my tracks, and for the rest of the evening, I could think of little else. Where does one muster such spirit, for no one really teaches that? I stared at this man, of similar build as me, as though this was our first ever meeting…as though I had not known him for over a decade. Quarps has frequently inspired me for as long as we have known each other, and perpetually insisted that I never give up on my dreams…doing so with so much fervour, you would think they were his own dreams.

But those words hit me hard, and will rest in my heart forever.

Shortly after, Eunice called. She had arrived and was waiting downstairs. We went there to receive her. It was the first time I had seen her since the accident. Attired in a white shirt and a black skirt, she looked nothing like someone who, just a few months earlier, was fighting for her very life. As she smiled, my own cheeks widened too, as did Quarps’.

I observed the lovers hug a casual hug, but because Quarps’ words still played in my mind, it all looked especially meaningful.

More conversation ensued among us. Ample laughter too, and a stroll to the Marina Mall to grab a bite would crown a memorable evening. Over ice cream and a bucket of chicken, Eunice divulged her peculiar perspective of Quarps as soul mate, emphasizing thoughtfulness, principles, and the essence of being spiritually adequate. She also joked about how, in the end, God does send you a man after your own heart and quirky desires (in her case, an Adisadel College alumnus, and someone who had worked at the Kakum National Park). Like Quarps, she submitted a powerful phrase which would cause me to nod the slow nod which accompanies learning something deeply insightful. Consisting just three words, that phrase completed a moving anecdote she recorded while she was still on admission. Everybody who had come to see her had worn a specific look of panic and grief in their eyes due to what they saw…well, except Quarps, who simply stood before him unruffled.  “But Quarps though…”. No other words followed, but the import was clearly gotten. As she spoke these words, she turned to look at this man, whom God had made for her precisely. She was smiling, but there was an intensity about her eyes, and veins became pronounced on her forehead and temple –like one who was fighting back the urge to shed tears.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, the fairy tale is what you decide it is.

On December 30, in a blissful ceremony in Tema, they pair said “I do” to each other, in the presence of hundreds who have witnessed their inspiring love bloom. Shimmering in white, bride and groom danced and danced and danced, into the very darkness of the happy evening –the crook of their arms serving as preferred shelter for each other. It had taken over a decade for this moment to materialise, but it was finally here, and was simply magnificent to behold.


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