Multiple award-winning artist, Nana Kweku Osei, popularly known as Nacee, is out with a new soul-inspiring worship song, ‘Efata Wo’ – which has garnered such rave reviews since its release.

The music video, which was shot by the fast-rising Snares Films, is characterized by such quality pictures and montage, but what is more eye-catching, is the location used for the video, which depicts such an exquisite outlook of some part of Ghana.

The expert scouting of the Nacee Music team and Snares Films landed them at the beautiful city of Sege, Battor in the Volta Region of Ghana – and its portrayal in the video cements Ghana as a country with varied tourist spots.

The stunning landscape and the striking huts that stretched elegantly over the land are attention-grabbing elements that define the music video, making it less complicated and laborious but exciting to watch.

With the knowledge that people have a short attention span, the location of Sege, Battor, captures the attention of the viewer up front and holds it, making the video very engaging.

‘Efata Wo’, written, arranged and produced by Nacee – talks about God deserving all the worship for his greatness and awesomeness – and since its release, it has already received high marks from critics, fans and all music lovers.

The new single is said to be on the yet-to-be-titled album of Nacee, which is set for release in the first quarter of 2018.

Watch the video below:



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