Melanie Botha, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Global Media Alliance Broadcasting Company has urged young and upcoming social entrepreneurs to use technology in every thing they do to boost their businesses.

Speaking at the just ended  #SocialThursday at British Council, Melanie stated that it is essential for social entrepreneurs to fully understand what their businesses are about in order to carefully integrate it with social media.


“Always get the basics right. Know what you want your business to stand for. Do you have the proper backing in place? You have to be able to sustain the whole business once to start,” she said.

Melanie Botha was part of a panel made up of Maximus Ametorgoh, Digital Lead and CEO at POPOUT and Caritas Aryee, Founder of Tatas and Friends Foundation.

She added that it is important to boost businesses using social media as one of the key drivers to create awareness about the brand.

“It depends on the type of business you have and how you can feed off social media. Be very clear on what your objectives are before you move to social media. At GMABC, we use tech in every aspect of our business. YFM ETV and Happy FM feed off social media. We have also moved to apps to help draw traffic back to us,” she said.

She however warned Social Entrepreneurs and upcoming businesses to be careful about who they approach to help fund their businesses.

“Be careful with the funders you go for. Getting funding is like getting into a marriage and some can be very bad marriages,” she disclosed.




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