German-Cameroonian chanteuse T’neeya (Jennifer Tania Takoh) is fast-becoming one of the continent’s favourite new-age voices.

Using Soul, Alternative Afrobeat, and Dancehall, the self-taught Ghana-based songwriter affects listeners in a way that is intimate and immersive. Whether via covers or her original compositions, T’neeya’s sound, because the multi-layered texture it arrives in, appeals to a wide spectrum of audiences.  And when one takes a look at the greats she cites as her influences (Micheal Jackson, 2 Baba Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu et al), it is not entirely surprising that her sound is gradually permeating with such superior effectiveness…courting critical reception even in Ghana, and guaranteeing her a place on key stages in the country.

Her recent collaborative piece with Ghanaian counterpart and “Tomorrow” man Darkovibes, swiftly makes a strong case for her as a constant name on a playlist of must-have African love songs today. Happy and playful, it is also sensitive in the vocal texture it is delivered in.  Thoughtful and greatly relatable lyrics, as well as a pristine guest verse from Darkovibes, ensure that in spite of it being new, it is already observed as classic material.

Simply referred to as “T”, the sultry  singer is already widely considered a pioneering name in the contemporary urban music space, her graceful eccentricity and avant-garde melody ensuring that.

Alumnus of the University of Applied Sciences (Berlin), T’neeya is also author of “Hold Me Down”, a submission which adds to an elegant catalogue she’s building. Produced by respected programmer VACS, the song is widely-rotated across various platforms in the country, a clear testament to it’s quality.

T’neeya’s relationship with music started at a tender age: taking herself through the rudiments of songwriting, and steadily growing a committed following for her performance on a number of talent shows in her native Cameroon. She herself did not realise the potential of her gift, till her parents started paying attention: “singing professionally wasn’t a reality for me, until my parents started noticing, I sounded good and gave me their blessing”, she recounts.

Heartfelt and moving, T’neeya’s songs usually centre on themes relating to love, joy, and struggle,  crafted from a variety of experiences, and carefully conveyed via a masterful blend of Pidgin, English and French.

Listen to more T’neeya here:

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