A Netherlands-trained Ghanaian Communication Expert and Life Coach, Samuel Ato Afful, is to launch his third book in December 2017 in Accra titled “Relevance for Success, Vol1”. The 60-page publication is a compilation of 40 original messages of motivation and empowerment detailing some carefully selected issues of daily life, and practical ways of dealing with them.

The Author, a Journalist by training, with expertise in media, communication and events management, states emphatically that “life must be enjoyed; and not endured. One may have to endure a situation, but for a period of time. At the end of the day, every human being must enjoy the life they live. There is therefore the need for every sane adult to carefully choose and/or select his/her friends, career path, and, be meaningfully selfish with decisions concerning their personal growth and development”.

As the immediate past and first General Manager of the Kumasi branch of YFM, a youth-focused popular radio station in Ghana, and having been involved with students development in the academia as Counselor and Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication Studies, Mr Afful has had the opportunity to interact with and learn at first hand, the very common, yet difficult to tackle, challenges of the youth across religions, race and geographical location. This benefit of hindsight allows him to focus his writings on very practical issues, whiles proffering workable solutions to such.

The book, published in 2017 by Ginaric Publishers, a company owned by one of the students of Mr Afful, comes after four years of consistently churning out original daily words of motivation, and published on social media each morning by the Author. According to him, it’s about time he put some of his writings into a book for present and future generations to benefit from the knowledge and wisdom endowed him by God.
When asked the source of his inspiration for his writings, Mr Afful simply said “all the 40 issues dealt with in the book have a connection with my personal life growing up and even in adulthood. I get inspired by the Spirit of God as to what to write each morning. All messages are written in the morning. There has never been a moment where I had to write a message down for publication the following day. No. None that I can recollect. And one interesting thing is that I sometimes get inspired to write, especially on very sensitive topics, whiles sitting on the toilet seat.This compelled me to conduct some research which led to the finding that there is a link between the rectum and the brain”.
This is the first Life-Empowerment book by the Author; having written two books both on Journalism as a subject of study and as a profession and published in the years 2006 and 2015.

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