A development architect, Professor Kwame Henaku Addo has outlaid Ghana’s development projections and investment potentials on the country’s map carefully highlighting the strengths of each of the 10 regions.

Prof. Kwame Addo whose work spans for about 40 years indicated the goal of the blueprints and maps for development was to enable investors (both local and foreign) study and harness the potential of the various regions.

He added that it was also important for students at the various levels of education to study the maps to obtain a better understanding of the country’s investment potential so that they’ll be able to appreciate the motherland better.

“…the key was to also break down whatever we’re doing so that it can be understood from the basic level all the way up to the tertiary level. That is why we see a smaller map which is actually very educational and that is for the primary schools. For them to have a better understanding of what we have and where Ghana can be. The rest of them develop into maps for JSS, SHS, Universities, Technical Universities, etc” he stated

Professor Kwame Addo’s works were put on exhibition at the National Theatre to be screened by stakeholders and essentially the public who require being educated on the rich essence of the country as well as the various development and investment potential available.

Watch the video below:

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