Vision Inspired Music (VI Music) announces young alternative artist Robin-Huws’ first project, ‘HUES The Mixtape (Vol.1)’. The 14-track mixtape debuts on 30th October, 2017 and was produced by VI’s talented EKKO, ReynoldsTGM and Robin-Huws himself, also with credits from Quakes, Kris-D and Gordon Blackwell. ‘HUES’ features some familiar names such as Akotowaa and Maayaa, and is currently available on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud as well as on

Robin-Huws proves himself quite the storyteller on ‘HUES’ both in individual songs and through a few songs with a running theme. ‘Forgotten Love’ is slow, spacious and pensive as he discusses a former lover and this lament continues in ‘Kimberly’, which gets more upbeat towards the end and leads to the more hopeful ‘Voice on the Radio’. In ‘Lifeless’, with the help of Akotowaa and Fu, he narrates the story of a young man with suicidal thoughts, feeling trapped in ‘lifeless cycles’.

According to the artist himself,“the most challenging thing about creating #HUES was overcoming my fears of failure and low self esteem. As funny as it may sound, I’ve never been confident in my voice. And that was one of the most challenging things I had to overcome.”

The soundscape of ‘HUES’ is impressive, with fun and danceable tracks such as ‘Dear Diary’ and ‘Pretty Lady’ as well as bold forays into rock instrumentals in ‘Child of Light’. This is in addition to the simpler R & B sounds of ‘All I Want Is To Be Your Champ’ and ‘Run’. Either way, Robin-Huws voice shines through beautifully and the tape is definitely set to garner the recognition due him.



Born in Accra as Robin-Huws Barnes, Robin-Huws (pronounced Robin Hews) is an alternative soul artist who is passionate about music and plans to take the world by storm with his versatility, sultry vocals and profound lyrics to give you something to think about and stir up hidden emotions.

Robin-Huws had his talent from childhood but realised he wanted to become an artiste when he was nine years old. Since it was taboo to say he wanted to become a musician, Robin-Huws had to teach himself the rudiments of music and artistry by emulating more established musicians. During that process, he was advised to learn the guitar since it was likely to help him get better at his craft. Once again due to the innate tune in his mind, with no or very little tutoring, Robin learnt to play the guitar.

He takes his inspiration from God since he describes himself as a spiritual person as well as situations in his life (past, present and future) and life in general. People around him (friends, family) also inspire him.

Though very versatile, his music can be described as soul/alternative soul/neo soul/contemporary soul.

Robin-Huws is on a mission to shape minds through his unique musical talent. He intends to be a leading alternative artiste in the world in the coming years, drawing the attention of the globe to his creative sound which he hopes to use to share his thoughts.





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