I am a good man.

Never held a real gun.

What I had was a toy one.

Not meant for killing- it was folly and fun.


I am a good man.

Never held a knife to kill another man.

The knife I held was for vegetables, an easter bunny, thanksgiving turkey, a chicken and another holiday’s ram.

I am a good man.

I never say things to break another man’s heart nor limbs.

But all of it doesn’t matter now- guns and knives, my words rather caused a rife.


I was a good man.

I never killed any other than a big ram.

But now I killed a soul; I killed a life, just before it begun.

It was unintended and this pun wasn’t fun.


I have really regretted.

Never did I beget the thoughts of ill rot.

The harm has been done so count me not a good man.

Now I cast my dice into the sight of the Creator’s sun and what’s not.

I plead to find favor in the right court.

I was a good man.

But as it stands, I wonder into the dark with my unintended thoughts.

Asford Psalms.

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