Our way of life is destroying our environment, our selfishness is making us blind, we communicate through a virtual world and forget the real life, and people claim they are more connected thanks to social media but in fact, they are more separated, more broken.

The climate is changing, the earth is hotter. Scientists say 2016 has been the hottest year record and that trend looks set to continue this year. Sea ice is melting, reefs are disappearing and the sea is full of plastic.
Ghana also has a huge problem with the plastics all over the country, the illegal mining….We want a better future for our children.

It is time for us to take responsibility and act before it is too late. Individuals, groups, institutions and governments need to work together. We must change our habits and act responsibly for the future of our children. It is not too late if we act now.

WAKE UP is here to move all of us to start to act as citizens of the World, to give a better future to our children. This is to sensitize everyone around the World and also the Ghanaian audience about their way of life and the responsibility to improve our environment which has become a catastrophe “Act now before it is too late”


Valérie Miquel has also been invited to give African Contemporary Dance workshops with other dancers or dance companies (Break Dance Project, In Movement) and has worked with orphaned children (Orphanage Kayda/Youth Development Association) and with refugees of  Sudan to help women who have been raped to take again possession of their bodies.

She has also taught Theatre and Body Expression at the International French School, Kampala Junior Academy School 2015) in Kampala and for the street children of God’s Grace Child Care Centre.

She gives workshops of her own method MOVE YOUR BODY AND FREE YOUR MIND.


In 2011 she received a Grant from Ghana, the African Women’s Development Fund to support her work with UNCB as a committed dance company working for the women.

In December 2012 she receives on the stage of the Serena Conference Hall with all the dancers of UNCB the  EAA award of best EAA Dance Group

In March 2013, after having been nominated by the President on CID / UNESCO, she becomes a member of CID International Dance Council and participate in the 35th World Congress of Dance in Athens (end of July);

In October 2013 she receives the Pearl of Africa Lifetime Achievement Award (PALITA AWARD) and is accredited in the 2013-2014 UGANDA WHO IS WHO BOOK OF RECORD

Dec 2015, she is invited at the Tribune of UNESCO Paris, to present her work in Uganda in front of all the members around the world of CID-UNESCO



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