Gospel singer Minister Frankie announces his latest video “Tena Me Mu”, off his sophomore album Ebenezer, scheduled for release sometime next year.

A passionate prayer surrendering one’s self to God, the sobering song was released to widespread appeal, with feedback coming from all over the world.

Tena Me Mu is released under the singer’s independent imprint MF Ministries, with accompanying visuals being handled by PY Filmz.



Announcing his debut album “Promotion, Provision, Protection” in 2012, Minister Frankie has steadily become household name in Ghana’s competitive gospel music terrain.

Also referred to as the “Fire-Brand Minister” now has two albums to his credit. For 10 years, he was protegé of celebrated songstress Obaapa Christy (with whom he also collaborated on the uplifting Ebenezer).

He has also been associated with other top local and international colleagues.  He has published 6 widely-patronised videos. “It is my vision and mission that through my ministry many souls will be
saved for the Lord. That is my greatest and utmost  passion”, Frankie says about his gift.

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