Two extremes.
Nature made it; so it seems.
In your body it holds its peace.
But in mine, I have no leash.

I am fire and you are ice.
I burn harsh but you cool; nice.
I am ice and you are fire.
I turn hard but you melt right.

I look into your eyes,and I am lost.
But found in your world; where I love most.

You are fire.
And you burn hot.
But even when I am wrong; you plead not.

When my anger speaks, your ice melts with sweets.
And when my heart is cold, your fire keeps me close.
When I look into your eyes when I have done bad; I am as twice as scold.
But the lining around it, is much precious than gold.
The love in it is upright and bold.

You tell me to look into your eyes:
When you are happy but I am not.
Even when you are sad and I am not; and I can tell right back that the love in it can’t be sold.

Your eyes speaks to me.
And your heart holds me captive.
Your body burns with ease.
And your touch calms me to peace.

You flame me out.
But your love draws me in.
You speak to my heart.
And that’s how you keep me in.

You are fire.
But you are ice too.
And amazingly that is why I love you.



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