In fantastic fashion, Swedru-based Patapaa Amisty has exploded into national prominence with his controversial dance-ready “One Corner” song, and accompanying dance since he first performed it at the Akwambo Festival in the Central Region weeks ago. Effectively, the song has thrown the entire nation into a frenzy, reportedly even claiming one life.

Produced by Morgan Beat, the joint has attracted widespread affection and criticism in equal measure. While several Ghanaian celebrities have been filmed gyrating to the viral record, others (most notably UK-based minister Sonnie Badu and media guru KKD) have expressed their displeasure at how popular the song has suddenly become.

But in a recent Facebook post,  AccradotAlt founder and Ghanaian cultural icon, Mantse Aryeequaye, has called the song a phenomenon, opining that it is ” a genuine expression of radical self love and an uninhibited outlet of emotions for people who have to endure protracted economic and political violence.”

Curator of the famous Chale Wote Street Arts Festival, Mantse Aryeequaye compared the song’s current revulsion to that of the hiplife sub-genre Azonto before it “took on the world”.

Here’s Patapaa, performing One Corner on TV3 weeks ago:

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