File Storage has evolved over the years with advent of cloud services since it was invented by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider in the 1960s. Through to the 2000s, the likes of Dropbox, Box, Google Drive etc. have given users dynamic platforms to store their files and access them anywhere on any digital device provided there is internet connectivity.

Many more cloud storage providers have emerged with few improved services in storage space, security, privacy and user experience; however, one thing remains, which is the need of good internet service or bundle to be able to maximize these platforms.

According to Akamai’s state of the internet report 2017, no African country ranks among the top 100 in the world in terms of internet service provision, so then how do we benefit from all the amazing features cloud storage providers give us? On top our poor connectivity, the cost of acquiring internet is also very high in our region, therefore the need to find a bridge between our internet connectivity problems and maximizing cloud storage services. It is on the back of these problems the Wanadryve was birthed.

Wanadryve is the first cloud storage service out of Africa offering a zero rated and sponsored cloud storage where users do not need any internet data bundle to access, backup, download, collaborate and share files among friends. It simply means with 0 kilobyte of internet data on one’s mobile or broadband service, s/he can still use the cloud storage service to his or her advantage.

Another important feature Wanadryve provides users is 100% private cloud storage and sharing. Owing to the fact that individuals and business are worried about putting their sensitive files on web platforms for the fear of hackers, Wanadryve offers a complete private file storage and sharing through the use of zero knowledge encryption. With our inimitable end-to-end encryption, only the end user has access to the encryption keys, meaning we can’t even access your files when stored on Wanadryve. This makes absolute data privacy in the cloud a reality. Individuals and businesses benefit by keeping their files safe, secure and private. Users also don’t need to create an account or provide any classified information in order to use the platform. Signup with just a working email and get full access to the platform.

Cloud storage is virtually free now, free storage space, no internet data needed, a super secure and private platform all your benefit. Pre-register now for a free tier or one of our discounted, cheap and customizable storage packages. Don’t be a loner! Join Wanadryve now and backup with smiles. Visit  to join the community.



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