Women are often termed as the ‘fair sex’ and the’ weaker sex’. While the terms, ‘fair sex’ and ‘weaker sex’ could be a connotation for beauty and lack of physical strength respectively, this has nothing to do with women’s knowledge and management capabilities. Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Sonia Gandhi, Yolanda Cuba and Angelina Jolie among other female leaders have performed exceptionally well as managers in their various sectors and professions. The following better explains it;

First of all, women are better communicators. Women are better listeners than men, and this is exactly the skill that is most critical for managing employees and customers. A study showed that women are more discussion oriented and men just want to take action. Employees want their managers to hear their point of view and customers want everyone to empathize with their problems. Being a better communicator will lead to a stronger relationship built on trust, which is critical to establishing loyalty.

Moreover, women are more apt than men to find stimulating tasks to challenge their employees, thus ensuring associates develop within their current roles and beyond, this makes them carry the dual burden and dual responsibility which a man is unable to do. Thus they are far better than male managers at helping their employees harness the power of positive reinforcement.

In conclusion, workers want bosses who understand them. Women, in general, are more understanding and more likely give empowerment to their employees than a man would. This gives people a reason to work for them. Also according to ABC news, 73% of people said they feel more comfortable working for a woman than a man.

During social week independent Accra, speakers like Yolanda Cuba, C.E.O of Vodafone and Anita Erskine, entrepreneur and broadcaster will be our speakers for corporate women mentorship session on the 13th of September at the Vodafone Head office Accra. These speakers will highlight the importance on climbing the corporate ladder as women and also how to remain on top despite challenges.


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