The innovative and patriotic initiative by e.TV Ghana to annually dedicate the month of September for the promotion and celebration of goods and services made right here in Ghana is here again with the launch of the 2017 edition of the ‘e.TV Made in Ghana’ month.

Dubbed ‘Ghana Inspires’, the fifth edition of the Made in Ghana month is meant to celebrate great people who are doing marvelous things in their own small way to put Ghana on the map. This year we will tap into the unknown and hidden treasures of Ghana!

Speaking at the launch of e.TV Made in Ghana at ‘The Tea Room’ on Tuesday, CEO of Global Media Alliance Broadcast Company (GMABC) stated that e.TV Ghana has always been passionate about celebrating manufacturers, inventors and made in Ghana products.

The e. TV Made In Ghana month has over the years, been accepted as the official period for the celebration of great indigenous inventers in the country.

“This year, the Made in Ghana Month celebration is going to be bigger and much more intense than ever before. The Month of September is going to be packed with social and live activities ranging from Indigenous hairdressing competitions, a dance festival partnership  and exhibitions among others. It is also a good opportunity for people to show their locally produced items,” he said.

He added that there will be a series of on-air activations with TV shows, radio and TV interviews on e.TV , YFM and Happy FM  starting from September 1 to 30.

As part of the celebrations, e. TV Ghana has started showing fresh locally produced content like Roommates Africa, In Bed with Adwen, Zeex Music TV, Jamming Jesus TV, Danceteria and Underground TV among others.

“There will be an exhibition at the Accra Mall Food Court Square and Silver Lounge from September 21 to 24.Young Ghanaian inventors and producers will also be interviewed by Joel Orleans on YFM’s Dryve Of Ur Lyf,” Mr Boateng added.




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