Fast-rising Afropop band FRA!, who have received wide acclaim for their uplifting jam “Happy Yourself”, have parted ways with Vision Inspired Music after two years.

VI Music CEO Evans Kwami Kafui Offori, in a statement on Thursday August 24, recounted “amazing’ experiences with the group, which consists Martin Adjartey, Maxwell Klu, Joshua ‘Virgen’ Boating, and George Ashirifie ‘Gogoe’. He also wished them success in their subsequent endeavours.

Vision Inspired Music is home to Adomaa, FRA! band, Akotowaa, ReynoldsTGM, Robin-Huws & Tronomie

Read the full statement below:



ACCRA, 24 AUGUST, 2017. It is with mixed feelings that we announce the departure of our enigmatic band FRA! from the VI Music family on an official basis. After 2 amazing years of exchanging ideas, putting out great tunes (‘Happy Yourself’ will always be one of the best things we’ve worked on) and some amazing performances, our brothers will not be renewing their contract with us.

We are constantly evolving into new phases of our lives, an inevitable part of our growth and development as human beings. It is no different for our beloved brothers. There are new opportunities for them to explore, and we encourage them in the pursuit of whichever options will lead the band to the most prosperity. FRA! is family, and we support them 100% in the decisions they make regarding their career and future, in this and in everything else.

FRA! We wish you all the best as you embark on your new journey, and we believe strongly that you will move on to many many greater things. Whatever the case, you will always be with us, and we will continue to collaborate and most importantly, laugh with you as you try to fulfill your destiny more fully on this earth.

Thank you for these amazing 2 years, and God bless you. Continue to do it for the art. VIM!

Evans Kwami Kafui Offori
(CEO – VI Music)

NB: As a parting gift, VI Music and FRA! will release our final collaborative piece officially as label and artist, featuring soul songbird Maayaa. ‘Crazy’ will be out next Tuesday, the 29th of August. Thank you the fans and listeners so much for your support over this past couple of years. We deeply appreciate it.


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