TV Ghana is set to rollout the innovative and patriotic initiative to celebrated technology, goods and services made right here in Ghana in the month of September.

The fifth edition of the annual celebration of Ghana innovators in all industry is expected to kickoff with an official launch followed by a host of events like exhibitions among others.

Various interventions by government (past and present)  have led to the increase in the production and patronage of locally produced technology, goods and services. Over the years, a lot of local pharmaceutical companies have also been supported by government to produce drugs locally.

According to organizers, this year’s e. TV Made In Ghana celebrations will project the hard work and dedication that Ghanaians put in their innovative production to in order to put Ghana on the map.

The month of September will also witness series of on-air activities like the showcasing of Ghanaian movies and music, indigenous games and the promotion of local fabrics, shoes, technology, dishes, furniture and artifacts among other.






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