Reggae/dancehall star Emmanuel Samini, simply known by his surname, was on Starr FM’s Starr Chat Wednesday August 16, discussing his life and musical journey (which started in 2004).

Responding to questions posed to him by host and EIB Network CEO Bola Ray, he addressed a number of touch issues including Marijuana use, his beef with Shatta Wale, his personal life, his forthcoming 7th studio album, among others.

On his take on the use of the Marijuana, the Linda star opined that as it was legal elsewhere, the country could capitalise on it and grow it in commercial quantities for foreign income specifically:

“There are countries that have made fortunes from exporting marijuana and it’s not just for smoking or recreational use, I’m talking about the other 33,000 uses of the plant. We can make jeans fabric from the plant, we can make oil from the plant. If Ghana’s economy is struggling and there’s a plant not meant to be used on the streets of Ghana, let’s plant it and export it to the streets that they use it and collect money from them. Because they have legalized it there, so why not send it to them. A farmer who has a good soil who can grow acres of marijuana should be able to grow it, package it and send it to who buys it so that we make money for the economy,” he explained.

He also spoke on his role in colleague dancehall act Shatta Wale’s rise to prominence, pointing out that their lyrical beef was instrumental in shooting the Kakai man up: “He [Shatta Wale] should always say thanks to the blueprint [Samini] because I’ve been there and he looked at me, targeted me, he threw shots at me because I was on top and still at the top, he knows that. So I became his main target, so now I guess he is even tired of answering questions about my name because wherever you will go, I promise you that they will ask you: what’s your problem with the artiste Samini?”.

Samini also recounted putting Wale on his 2004 nationwide tour, placed him among his top three dancehall acts in the country currently, and inadvertently influencing the SM frontman’s change of name to Shatta Wale.

Towards the end of the thrilling conversation, Shatta Wale was raised on the line, and both acts lauded each other’s contributions to the genre and the industry as a whole. “You Do All’, Samini said to Shatta Wale, before they delved into a historic freestyle session live in air.

Shatta Wale appeared on last year’s edition of Samini’s “Saminifest” concert, a gesture announcing the end of their prolonged beef. They’re also reportedly working on projects together, as well as a world tour.

Watch the interview below:

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