VEILED is a story of Enow, a young man who, brought up from the cradle of poverty, loses his sense of self in his father’s quest to sustain his reputation and family. He is given out at a very tender age to his auntie who’s just returned from Nigeria.

Ekow faces a lot of terror during that period due to his aunties continuous sexual and physical abuse. This takes the wheel of his life and makes a turn for disaster. He lives with that emotional, mental and physical effects of the abuse everyday of his life and it’s eating him up from within.

Yet,  he constantly tries to keep it a secret.

Despite the pain and resentment towards his father for supposedly being the cause of his troubles, his love for his sister remains his anchor in life. Due to his experience as a boy, Ekow is very protective of his little sister Aseye,  and will do everything to keep her from going through what he ones experienced.

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