Is this fair?                                     

Doris Koomson and I have been in a committed relationship for about a year now.

Not a day goes by without us speaking to each other; I would usually flood her phone with love notes I had carefully prepared just to make her feel loved, how perfect! She however denies me the one thing I need from her… SEX!

Why are some women just wicked? I mean, after allowing spend some good money on luxurious shopping and weekend vacations at some notable resorts for her, she still finds it hard to just bust it open for me. Honestly Naya, I think she’s being deliberately unfair to me.

One evening after work, I decided to send her some naughty messages to prepare her mind for what was coming. God being so good she responded with equally naughty messages which instantly gave me a hard on. With all confidence, I walked to her front door and knocked as hard as I could; she let me in with a nice warm hug as she pressed her boobs hard against my chest which made me say to myself, “I’m really getting some tonight.”

We cuddled in her bed and shared some ice cream but one thing was obvious, I just couldn’t take my eyes off her think gorgeous body as my mind wandered deep into the world of naughty fantasies. I reached out for my phone and began to play her favorite song “freak me baby by silk”; Naya, I even went ahead to sing along to it just to alert her that I was ready to give her some good old ‘D’. I touched her as I sang,

Let me lick you up and down till you say stop
Let me play with your body, baby, make you real hot
Let me do all the things you want me to do
‘Cause tonight, baby, I wanna get freaky with you

As soon as I was about to unzip her skirt at the second verse, she yelled “Franklin stop it! What’s the meaning of this? I just had my period and I can’t do this… at least not today.” I know you’d say it’s okay for her to say that but Naya, I wouldn’t be writing to you if that was my first time getting this excuse from her. Just like that I put my shirt back on and walked shamefully out of her room; i realized how this lady has been playing me for a fool. I feel like her Mugu (a wealthy man who is only as useful as his money). Naya please don’t ask me to be patient with her because this has gone on for far too long, one year is enough to tolerate all these. I really love Doris and I’m not in for just a hit and run. I’m a man and I have needs too, why can’t she rub my back like I do hers? I can’t just go out there to have sex with anyone at all, because she is the woman I intend on spending the rest of my life with and I’ve given her that respect so I don’t mind getting down with her… what more does a man need?

Her excuses have gone stale and I’m honestly getting fed up.

From Facebook user: Franklin (actual name withheld)

Women can be very funny creatures sometimes dear; it’s all up to you to open your eyes wide to observe every single detail. First of all, she is not obliged to give you sex because you spend on her and you’re not under any pressure to shower luxury so do not base your worry on that fact at all. I’m sure you do what you do willingly and out love so let her ‘bust it open’ for you in her own time. You should enquire about her previous relationships and how it ended and that could give you a clue. Some happy women have deep scars in hearts from past failed relationships. Some gave up their body, time, and focus to some guy out there who only took her granted; notice where she nearly gave in to you at a point but pushed you away? Yeah she probably had a replay of a past failed relationship. Just talk to her, ask her questions and get intimate with her MIND and you’ll find the answers you need. So it’s either that, or she’s just not into you hun!

BY: Nana Yaa Asabea

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