The spec of birth is with a man

The way to its life is by a woman.

The purest way to this earth is through her labour and her birth.


Everyone knows a woman one way or another.

She could be a mother, a sister, a friend, a wife or a daughter.


Would you raise your hand against your mother?

Will you dare?

The least said, the better-

If you do, you’ve dishonored a command.


Would you raise your hand against your sister?

If you do, then your sense is as tattered as it is bitter.


Would you raise your hand up against a friend?

Then clearly you are at your wit’s end.

You have crossed the thin line between sanity and insanity.

She owes you no allegiance.

But even if so, is your hand right way to go?


Would you raise your hand against your wife?

Will you dare with person you promised to share eternity with?

If you dare, care to know that the bride’s price you paid is not a price for her abuse.

Put your hands to a good use, it wasn’t created to cause blisters and bruises.

Make prudent, the words you choose, it is worth less than the price of pride.


Would you raise your hand against your daughter?

Why not teach her rather than beat her?

Why bleach her eyes to red and let her tears rather be not of joy?

Why burden her eyes and her heart with fear?

She is not worth you nor you, her.


Will you raise your hands against your wife or daughter?

If you dare, remember your mother and your sister.

For if you truly dared to raise so much as a finger against them too, then something went fundamentally wrong you.



Asford Psalms.



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