Ghana’s premier and pre-eminent Self-defense Organization, Lokhanda, as part of its fervent effort in empowering women and promoting gender equality, collaborated with the African Widows and Disabled Foundation (AWDF) to empower widows and disables of the Senya Bereku district in the Central region of Ghana.

Lokhanda is one of Africa’s leading personal safety organisations training in revolutionary self-defense and child safety skills, with an educational curriculum designed to empower the safety and security of the vulnerable in society against abuse and emergencies.

Lokhanda, lead by Mr Lord Kwadjo Andoh through its holistic project themed Lokhanda Women Empowered Program (LWEP) on the 27th of May 2017 provided a free reality-based self-defense seminar coupled with basic first-aid training to replace the fear of the widows and disabled with skills, knowledge, training and confidence under the umbrella of the African Widows and Disabled foundation.

The event was an extensive 3hour program which included a:

• 60mins Seminar
• 90mins of reality based self-defense and first aid workshop climaxed with a
•30min, 30m and 50m “Lokhanda Community Fun Run” contest that provided a range of sport and recreation activities including running, walking and etc to award participants.

The training workshop was highly commended by participants and the overwhelming attendance outnumbered the size of the auditorium. 103 people benefitted from the successful project of which 96 were Widows and 7 physically challenged. Thus there were 12 team members of the African Widows and Disabled Foundation and 4 members of Lokhanda.
The Founder and Executive Director of Lokhanda, Mr. Lord Kwadjo Andoh stated that the (LWEP) project is geared towards educating and preparing women of all ages and abilities to effectively become aware, avoid or survive emergency situations to promote healthy and active civilians especially women and children in communities while creating opportunities for social interaction as a key objective that encourages and celebrates safety, fitness and family togetherness in a fun and positive way”.
Nevertheless, Mr Andoh and Miss Ingrid Epezagne shared the plights of some widows on how difficult it is as a single parent to steer the affairs of a home. He pleaded with other organisations to come to the aid of these widows in order to enable them and wards reach their full potentials.

The director of AWDF, Mr Michael Sackey expressed his satisfaction to the overwhelming number of vulnerable widows and disabled who turned out on the day. He stated that it is a challenge to him and other organisations to help these widows and disabled to feel part of the society. “Social stigmatisation and inaccessibility to social amenities are worrying to the disabled especially. Some disabled have the ability to occupy public offices but it’s sad the society have neglected these people” he said.
He added that it is a challenge to put smiles on the faces of widows in the society in order to encourage them to remain resolute in other not to abandon their children. He, however, thanked Lokhanda for the training offered to the participants and challenged other organisations to emulate Lokhanda and come to the aid of the vulnerable in kind and training wise.
The Chairman (Jonathan Quanah) of the occasion couldn’t hide his excitement and contentment for how useful the seminar was. He pleaded with AWDF to hold more of such educative seminars in other areas where widows and disabled persons are abandoned and encouraged people to desist from social stigmatisation of the less privileged.
The event was graced by the district and community leaders Nenyi Kow Apimtey IV ( Odikro of Senya Beraku traditional Council ), Mr.Okyeame Kwaku Akwetey, Pastor Alfred Davies ( Reform Christian Apostle), Hon. Joseph Bennin, (Assembly member of Simpa Pebiso electoral area ), Jonathan Quansah (P.R.O Heshbon’s Foundation, Senya).
However, the AWDF team were represented MrMichael Sackey (Director), Mr. John Alex Tawiah Sackey ( Ass. Director ), Andrews Ansah Aggrey (Member), Obed Appiah ( Member) Felicia Antwiwaa Ampomah (Member), Seth Barnes (Senya Coordinator)

In the end, Mr. Lord Kwadjo Andoh, Ingrid Epezagne, Emmanuel A. Attafuah and Alex Osei Agyemang on behalf of Lokhanda were awarded a Citation of Appreciation by Mr. Michael Sackey, president of the African Widows and Disabled Foundation.
Below are some photos from the event.

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