Your words have and hold more power than you think. So, it’s important to monitor what words you speak, as well as keeping your word because this defines who you are and what people think of you.

Early this year, host of My Health My Life on UTV, Miss Abigail Ashley made a promise during the launch of her book titled ‘A Decade Of My Life, Behind My Smiles’, to touch a heart of a kidney patient, from money generated from the book launch.

‘A Decade Of My Life, Behind My Smiles’ shares a life story of how the health advocate has been battling with kidney disease for a decade and yet she’s always seen with a wide smile living healthy, and very active.

Today on My Health My Life, Miss Ashley fulfilled her promise and an undisclosed amount of money was donated on her behalf by Mr Bismarck Puplampu (Jnr.) Brands/Advertising Manager Melcom Group of Companies, to a kidney patient, Emmanuel Martin on live Television, to assist him to undergo dialysis.

Donating the money, Miss Ashley emotionally revealed, “I made the promise to assist a 10yr old girl on the dialysis machine but unfortunately the young girl passed on whiles receiving treatment weeks ago” `

To accomplish her promise, the host did not let go after the passing on of the little girl and has donated the money gained from the launch and sales of her book to another gentleman undergoing kidney dialysis.

Asked how much donated to the gentleman, Miss Ashley said, “I know this is not enough to assist Emmanuel to undergo dialysis throughout his lifetime but just a token for him to believe God is still in his miracle business”

Receiving the money, Emmanuel Martin was very grateful to Abigail Ashley and My Health My Life Team for their support.



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