Health Advocate, Miss Abigail Ashley has been battling Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4 over a decade now but you meet her and she is all vibrant, energetic and very outgoing without a single sign of illness.

According to her, she never thought she would live to see this day due to the illness but the word and love of God have kept her moving from grace to grace.

Miss Ashley is a year older today, and she drops charming pictures to celebrate her birthday.

The pictures alone are testimonies for someone battling with kidney failure or any other illness not to give up, but to have faith in God and take all medications seriously; especially considering the food we eat daily.

Giving praises to God on her birthday, she wrote “Today being my birthday, Lord, I ask for forgiveness. I ask for joy and happiness. I ask for success at all times. Dear God, if it’s possible, take away Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4 from me and give me the strength to continue preaching Good Health to the populace. Amen.”

“Eat Well, Live Well” has always been on the lips of the beautiful broadcaster anytime she’s on TV and radio, not forgetting her popular Friday’s nutritious cookery show on UTV’s morning show, Adekye Nsroma.

Miss Abigail Ashley is currently the host of UTV’s award winning Health show, ‘My Health, My Life’, which airs every Saturday at 3:00PM.


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