I was taken aback when Ghanaian social media was set agog in the wake of news that Stonebwoy and other stars had signed onto Zylofon Media.

While a cross-section of the public was happy for him, others spelt out doom for both artist and the record label.

Entertainment pundits on radio and TV…even writers who have mentored me in my short career all prophesied a grim future for the media organization.


Why are Ghanaians spelling doom for Zylofon?

 Precedent is what many will attribute as  reason for their cynicism for the Nana Appiah Mensah -led organisation, the once vibrant  Mudhaus being the major reference point. S I ask: who caused it?

Was it the owners of the company or industry players? Was greed on the part of some industry players what  led to the collapse of that company?

For years, the same pundits and critics who are spelling doom for Zylofon were the same people who lamented across various platforms about the lack of investment in  the creative sector.

Indeed, a prominent posture many hold in this town (albeit infantile) is that handlers of Zylofon are  extremely rich, and have entered the creative arts terrain for the sole purpose of  “splashing money around”. Media empire EIB Network also underwent widespread backlash when they began assembling high-profile broadcasters for their lead radio station Starr FM. Thankfully, and to the shock of the many critics, the station remains one of the most listened radio station in Ghana years down the line.

Let me not divert the same but move on to the substance of the article: Zylofon Media, since its launch, has chalked remarkable success, like it or not. The outfit, for the first time partnered Fred Nuamah’s Ghana Movie Awards (which were on the verge of collapsing after it witnessed successive poorly organised editions). Zylofon, without doubt, resurrected the scheme once they came onboard. A new vitality was witnessed right from the launch to the nominees’ announcement, and then the event proper.

They successfully hosted stakeholders in the film industry in discussions aimed at progressing the field.


Can Zylofon prove the doubting Thomases wrong?

By all means. Zylofon can prove the doubters wrong if they have a plan. Nana Appiah Mensah has, on several occasions, reiterated to the media that the organisation is operating with a solid blueprint.

P.R.O Samuel Atoubi Baah (Sammy Flex) has also continually tried to dispell the notion that the company doesn’t know what it’s about, but trust colleague media houses to always find a way  of framing  stories  to favour their listeners or win favour from the public.

I was distraught days ago, I read in a newspaper about a comment made by one artist manager that Highlife artiste Kumi Guitar can never be profitable for the organisation. Yet, this is the same man who has been crying that ARSOG has refused to pay him his royalties and he has never successfully managed an artist.


DJs and Presenters must also help

Years ago, while working for the now defunct X FM, I remember that the outfit was firm on the agenda of promote young and upcoming talents at no cost.

During the presser to unveil Stonebwoy on the company’s label, Adom FM presenter Mike 2, raised the question on why Kumi Guitar’s songs are not on regular rotation on domestic radio. This is plain laughable. It is common knowledge that many presenters demand money before playing an artist’s song –a very shameful practice which required a concerted effort by the industry to nip in the bud. It stifles creativity, and hides from our eyes and ears, great talent.

The country, and indeed, the whole of Africa has proven an indispensable hub of creative genius. Everybody else just takes from our culture. Why not encourage each other to build our industries to become global players.

What Zylofon is doing is this: they’re spearheading a revolution. You may not like Zylofon’s approach, and that is totally understandable. It is a common feature of all groundbreaking occurrences. Again, we all neither think the same way, nor possess the same solutions to a puzzle…diversity is where all beauty stems from. But why don’t we at least give them a chance to prove their worth?

It is in our own interest to see Zylofon (and other such outfits) succeed, for when they shine, it invariably affects us all. A word to the wise…


*NOTE: Zylofon is now the franchise owner of the Ghana Movie Awards












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