Heritage Theatre Series producer Chief Moomen has, via a series of tweets Friday morning, expressed his frustrations at government’s seeming disinterest in  paying arrears due him and his company for staging the Wogbɛ Jɛkɛ play at Ghana’s diamond jubilee celebration held back in March.

According to him, half of the cost has been paid to him, but he has received no word regarding the rest of the money, and was forced to go public as it has proved injurious to his career over the months.

Chief Momen also claims that the situation is responsible for the cancelation of the play back in April, his inability to refresh a cast of about 150, as well as his inability to pay back a loan he took to assist with preparations for the production.

The next production, slated for next month, costs not less than GHS 30000, and Momen, who is writer and producer of the project, seeks help  “reaching out to any powerful person in government”.

A comprehensive and interesting trip down memory lane, the production has been widely-received, and has seen patronage from both key dignitaries and regular folk alike. It parades a crew and cast of nearly 200, and has been staged a total of 19 times already.

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Co-directed by Joyce Anima Misa Amoah and Abdul Karim Hakib, Wogbɛ Jɛkɛ is written and produced by Chief Moomen, and is sponsored by Key Soap, and a host of media partners.

Wogbɛ Jɛkɛ: Our Journey returns to the National Theatre on July 3.


Read his tweets below:

Guys. I need help in reaching out to any powerful person in gov’t. #Wogbejeke pic.twitter.com/Jy2SKmskZu

— #Wogbejeke (@ChiefMoomen) June 30, 2017

I performed #Wogbejeke as part of the @Ghana60YearsOn celebration in March. I was paid 1/2 of the cost. #CitiCBS #JoySMS #MorningStarr

— #Wogbejeke (@ChiefMoomen) June 30, 2017

I have been “chasing” the rest of the money from gov’t, but to no avail.

— #Wogbejeke (@ChiefMoomen) June 30, 2017

I have been in debt causing the cancelation of #Wogbejeke in April.

— #Wogbejeke (@ChiefMoomen) June 30, 2017

I took a loan from the bank to help with preparations and its due for payment. #Wogbejeke

— #Wogbejeke (@ChiefMoomen) June 30, 2017

Now, I need not < GHS 30000 to ensure that #Wogbejeke comes off this July.

— #Wogbejeke (@ChiefMoomen) June 30, 2017

I have been forced to go public as this has been a frustration in my professional career. #Wogbejeke

— #Wogbejeke (@ChiefMoomen) June 30, 2017

Help me with any powerful person in gov’t to help salvage what is due my work. #Ghana60YearsOn#CitiCBS#Wogbejeke

— #Wogbejeke (@ChiefMoomen) June 30, 2017



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