After the appreciable success of her debut single ‘Limbo’ barely two months ago, afro-soul singer Maayaa is back to tug at your heartstrings with ‘You’. Produced by herself and manager EKKO, the single explores the beauty of romantic love in recognition of its little pleasures. ‘You’ is currently available on


In contrast to ‘Limbo’, which was a tale of the difficulties of forgetting a love gone wrong, ‘You’ is an affectionate letter which sees a happy Maayaa telling her lover the cheesy things she likes about him and their relationship. She admits unashamedly, “The corny things are what I live for”, a sentiment many listeners may relate to.


The sound is reminiscent of influences from 60s soul greats such as Etta James and newer soul by the likes of Amy Winehouse. The instrumental features a guitar groove and a regular drum rhythm as well as underlying piano melodies. Albeit not complex, it grows increasingly rich, with the bridge leading up to a beautiful crescendo. Throughout the song, the young singer’s voice flows smoothly from crooning in the verses to masterful runs she navigates with fluidity and ease.


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